Orion’s Belt Over Nebulous New York Times

On A Starry Night Calm Orion's Belt Wraps An Eternal Eye Over Nebulous Tumultuous New York Times - IMRAN™

On A Starry Night Calm Orion’s Belt Wraps An Eternal Eye Over Nebulous Tumultuous New York Times

It is appropriate that the photo I took after catching the glittering skyline of earth’s shining star, Manhattan, and the stars of Broadway and Times Square, is a timeless shot of the stars lining the sky. (See larger size to make out details of nebula, etc. )

They were beyond my grasp but it is just who we are, needing to reach for the stars, across the reaches of time, the vastness of eternity. So, I caught them, the cold cruel burning cores of Hydrogen, for me and you for today, and for forever etched onto the Silicon atoms of my camera’s memory … and the infinite neurons making up my memories in this so finite life.

The sky was particularly dark on this moonless night tonight. There was moisture in the air as a Southern wind was riding the Great South Bay, churning the water onto the beach in tumultuous waves of passion.

Far above, silently watching, the stars burnt in an amazing range of colors you could make out with the naked eye. Even the nebullae visible told their nebulous stories in clear thundering silence. I bowed in prayer, a murmur of thanks, to God, for having allowed me this moment to have lived, witnessed, experienced.

I was able to capture this shot with the Nikon D300 with no filters. This picture is as it was taken. See in full size in ALL SIZES if you see the button above.

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© IMRAN 2009
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