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Truth Is Black And White, Justice And (Statute Of) Liberty For All – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on March 27, 2018

This is a screen capture of a very low resolution video I shot with a 10 years old camera while flying over Manhattan very recently. It was cloudy, it was dusk, and it was a gloomy day overall. The plane window was not that clear either and this was just a video clip I accidentally recorded for 1 second while trying to take a still photo. But, this shot was worth extracting and sharing. The simple truth is clear as Black and White, even at the gloomiest of times. Justice and (Statute Of) Liberty are for all humankind.

© 2018 IMRAN

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Radio City Music Hall Manhattan Street Scene – IMRAN™ (360° Interactive VR 4π Panorama)

Posted by imrananwar on December 15, 2016

Radio City Music Hall Manhattan Street Scene - IMRAN™ (360° 4π Panorama)

(Click to see the interactive virtual reality experience.) I had stepped out of my then office on 52nd Street near Radio City Music Hall when I took shot this handheld panorama on an iPhone 4S.

Unfortunately even four years later, with PhotoShop CC 2017 the program fails to properly stitch actual Spherical panoramas.

Doing the upper view accurately would take too long so I hope you will just enjoy the street scene with some inaccurate processing above my name.

© 2012-2016 IMRAN™

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My Boat, Bay, Sun, NY Boat Basin

Posted by imrananwar on December 21, 2010


Thank you all. My 25th Explore! September 16, 2010.

I’ve been traveling with limited access so I am sorry not to have responded to several hundred comments, dozens of emails, and have also not had a chance to comment on friends’ photos

I love boating. I love yachting. I’ve taken both my Sea Ray SunDancers (23′ and 40′) to NYC from Long Island, several times over the years. Motorboating around Manhattan, especially at sunset, when the sun reflects on Manhattan’s stunning skyline, is best seen from the New Jersey side. Nothing more spectacular than to see My Boat, Bay, Sun and the NY Boat Basin.

Well, technically speaking, this is not a Bay. But, the width of the Hudon River, between Manhattan, NY and New Jersey, is wider than some Bays I have boated in.

The NY Boat Basin at 79th Street, is a delightful and unexepected vision in one of the world’s busiest cities. Joggers and bikers zip by you as you walk along the waterfront. The marina has a few decent sized boats, but not the mega-yachts you would expect to see line the slips.

The area is not far from where the Miracle On The Hudson flight crash-landed safely in the river.

This image of the setting sun, reflecting on the water, tinging everything with liquid Gold light, was captured near the end of Summer 2010.

The arch of the structure I took this photo from (where I also photograpged the dazzling Daisy) makes a delightful curved silhouette almost as if it was done by a computer.

© 2010 IMRAN

loc: 40.786872N, -73.9841W


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Mother Of Exiles, By The Golden Doors

Posted by imrananwar on October 25, 2009

Mother Of Exiles, By The Golden Doors - IMRAN™

Mother Of Exiles, By The Golden Doors
By Imran Anwar

The Statute of Liberty, in New York, is one of the best recognized symbols in the world. Less known are the full words of the poem found there. See it larger.

On a heavily clouded day in Manhattan, the often blue sky filled with shades of gray was burdened with the weight of a golden red sunset they were trying to conceal.

The light was the worst it could be for a great traditional photograph. But, as I caught the patina of Lady Liberty through the architectural frame painted Gold by the falling sun….. it provided the perfect backdrop for me to remember, and share, the words that hold so true today, and forever.

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.
"Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!" cries she
With silent lips. "Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tossed to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!"

© 2009 IMRAN

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Summer Night City. Dark, Lights, Ironic Sights. Kodak By Nikon

Posted by imrananwar on September 26, 2009

Summer Night City. Dark, Lights, Ironic Sights. Times Square, NY. Kodak Moment On A Nikon. IMRAN™ - Please Read Below

Summer Night City. Dark, Lights, Ironic Sights. Times Square, NY. Kodak Moment On A Nikon.

Nothing beats the energy and feel of being in the heart of the center of the universe, being in Times Square, in Manhattan, New York, USA.

The lights stand out in stark contrast to the dark night.

Reflections of light seem to levitate in mid-town mid-air as if hanging from some unseen bright blinding blinds. There were other ironies in the night,

It was a Kodak moment, but caught on a digital Nikon (2 year old S6 pocket camera).

A Broadway show sign advertises MAMA MIA and music by one of my all time favorite groups ABBA, but, the night reminds me of a different song by them….

It’s night, and summer, in the city, in Summer Night City.

As ABBA sang:

"It's elusive, call it glitter
Somehow something turns me on
Some folks only see the litter
We don't miss them when they're gone
I love the feeling in the air
My kind of people everywhere
When the night comes with the action
I just know it's time to go
Can't resist the strange attraction
From that giant dynamo"

I Love New York.

© 2009 IMRAN

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