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Boats & Sailboats, Apollo Beach Exploration Tampa Bay Florida – IMRAN™ (3D-SBS)

Posted by imrananwar on May 3, 2017

Yachts, boats, sailboats, and more under a setting sun at a marina in Apollo Beach, on Tampa Bay, in Florida, are explored in this entertaining and unique Experience. 3D short film, travel documentary, boating adventure, and music video all in one!

© 2017 IMRAN™


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Drone Landing At Breathtaking Dusk Tampa Bay Florida SOOC 3D SBS – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on July 23, 2016

Not only was I blessed to experience this mind blowing ZERO color editing or processing or tweaking or ANY kind. This is a quarter of the original 4K SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) video from the DJI drone camera. As I was bringing the drone in for a landing after a fabulous sunset and dusk I felt the dusk colors would make an awesome backdrop to make use of the closely spaced objects and strictures on my dock at home in Florida to make it a fun 3D video. I will also upload this somewhere on one of my sites in full size for people to be able to view in full resolution on their 3D smart TVs with active shutters than with anaglyph which kills sunset colors.

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© 2016 IMRAN™

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Natural 3D – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on September 14, 2011

SOOC Image Straight Out Of Camera!! NO editing, tweaking, of ANY kind. Only framed in Photoshop & saved image as 6MB JPG. Handheld, 450mm zoom ISO250 at f/5.6 1/60 seconds with flash.

Walking around my home after a morning of rain, I shot several photos of the wonderful flowers that were blooming in the beds.

I was amazed by the almost 3D effect this photo’s bokeh background, the foreground flower and the sharply in-focus buds, created.

No editing on these natural colors, brought to life by firing off the flash – though it was morning and an outdoors scene.

© 2011 IMRAN

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