Osprey Soars Over Stunning Sunset Tampa Bay Florida – IMRAN™


A gorgeous moment in time as an osprey, ready to dive in, hovers over its prey in Tampa Bay waters just as the bay gets ready to devour the sun ready to dive into the oceans of time.

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Piece Of Fish & Peace On Earth – IMRAN™


They talk about breaking bread to get closer to people. I’m just a big fan of bread, except a few types, like Naan, Poori, some Parathaa, croissants, and such. But I’m more than happy to partake in a meal that’s got no bread, but plenty to munch on. In this case, what better way to mark a wish for peace on earth than by having pieces of fish from the ocean. A Muslim American, out feeling alive racing my motorcycle in the dead of winter, on the eve of a holiday important to Christians, having a traditional meal of Buddhist and other-religion celebrating nations. Enjoy the 3D View that almost makes you want to grab a piece. Peace!

© 2018 IMRAN™

PS Check out the different 3D effect here. http://www.facebook.com/134701029880230/posts/2568639493153026/ Which one do you like better?

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Terrific Thanksgiving Tampa Bay Beautiful Boating Wonderful Weekend Weather – IMRAN™

A quick spin on the jet ski as I was coming back home from a great time and ride out to beer can Island.


I hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving with your family and loved ones. I was blessed enough to spend it at my blessed home in Apollo Beach, Florida. After nearly 6 or more weeks I was able to make time to get out on the water and enjoy the absolutely perfect boating weather that Tampa Bay offers almost year-round. This is just a quick spin on the jet ski as I was coming back home from a great time and ride out to beer can Island.

© 2018 IMRAN™

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Snowing But Not Freezing Long Island New York – IMRAN™

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I love NY but the cold weather not so much. I love snowfalls but icy conditions not so much. This is the best of everything. I’m on Long Island New York where it’s not frigid. It’s one degree above freezing but there’s lovely light snow falling in fat wet clumps against the dark sky. And I’m adding fat clumps of weight to myself with a late night Taco Bell run. Or drive more like it.

© 2018 IMRAN™

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Using CVS App A Prescription For Invasion Of Privacy – IMRAN™

CVS invasion of consumer privacy

Why is CVS Pharmacy trying to track #consumers’ #location even when we are not actually using their App? Sleazy invasion of #privacy and a #security risk! Shameful #UX design decision. Maybe the Federal Trade Commission can find out.

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Rainbow Bows Over Rain Coated Roadside – IMRAN™

In typical Florida style, gorgeous TGIF afternoon weather gave way to rolling thunder and lightning strikes over Tampa Bay, as I drove into my community in Apollo Beach. I stopped the car, powered down the window and stretched out my arms to frame the scene. The. red, green and yellow structures & lines along with the blue shades of sky matching up with the rainbow’s colors. Photo taken, processed and posted from my iPhone 7+.

© 2017 IMRAN™

White House By The Blue Sea – IMRAN™

Tampa Bay Florida at Apollo Beach is such a beautiful place to live and play, and to have my blessed home at. Late afternoon setting sun’s light makes the bright white contrast even more with the blue water, while other boaters pass by me.

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