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Apollo Beach Tampa Bay Florida Jet Ski Racing Sailing Boating Cruising HyperLapse – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on August 24, 2017

I love Florida and I love boating. Combining those two is easy when I am blessed to live in Apollo Beach, on Tampa Bay.
This is a low-resolution (merely 640×480) video saved from a Twitter Livestream, using their Periscope platform. The quality of Periscope videos is much lower than FaceBook’s livestreaming quality these days.
But, you can see why this area is a boating paradise for every kind of mariner, See cruise ships, tankers, cargo ships, yachts, sailboats, cruisers, boats, pontoons, jet skis and almost every form of watercraft in this one video.
It is sped up to nearly 500% so a half hour stream can be enjoyed in under 4.5 minutes.
The music track is my nTrance To The Tunnel Of Love, the title album of my music CD that you can listen to on Spotify, Google Play, Microsoft, iTunes, CDbaby, and all major music platforms.
Enjoy. Like, love, comment, share!

© 2017 IMRAN™


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Terrific Tuesday Boardwalk Sunset Walk Marina To Beach At Long Island Home New York – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on August 8, 2017


Come along for a walk enjoying the beautiful landscape and nature’s tranquility at my blessed home. Even better for you, you won’t be bitten by gnats as I was being eaten alive by them during this livestream. LOL.

You’ll also love this highlights music video. also!

© 2017 IMRAN™

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Euro Stairway To Heaven – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on July 24, 2017

Thanks to my beautiful beloved companion Shasha for the many awesome photos she took of me during our amazing time together in Berlin, Germany, five years ago.

She took this candid photo by calling out to me as I was going up a staircase to see if this place was worth exploring. I had made this trip to Germany EXACTLY 25 Years after my first visit there.

© 2017 IMRAN™

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Last Birthday With Abu – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on June 19, 2016

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The Fountain / Head – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on April 5, 2016

The photo title is derived from the famous book by Ayn Rand, but the reason I walked many miles to get to this place, Fontaine Molière, on Rue Thérèse, with my companion during our trip to Paris, France, was to salute another even bigger literary giant.
Jean-Baptiste Poquelin, better known as Molière, was born nearly 400 years ago, on 15 January 1622. He was a French playwright, comedian, writer and actor who is considered to be one of the greatest masters of comedy in Western literature.

He was loved by the French King Louis XIV, but was hated by the Church for his ridiculing the hypocrites ruling religion. He died on 17 February 1673, a few hours after doing a performance of his final play, ironically, about a hypochondriac.

His works, and his legacy, live on for the ages.

© 2006-2016 IMRAN™

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FireBall Sky, Flaming Horizon, Pink Cloud Cruise – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on January 12, 2016

FireBall Sky, Flaming Horizon, Pink Cloud Cruise - IMRAN™

This cruise ship was literally more than 20 miles away when I captured it going past where the sun was totally behind it and clouds. The Nikon D300 handheld photo at 300/450mm eq. zoom shows the magic even of “dull” sunsets over Tampa Bay, seen from my blessed home at Apollo Beach. The trees to the left are straight across from my home but a long drive to get to at a popular state park, at the edge of the peninsula there. 

© 2015-2016 IMRAN


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Be/Hold The (Man); The (Super) Human Stain(ed) Glass View – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on October 12, 2012

2012 has gone by in a blur of activity, even as what is likely more than half of my life has rushed by, as time flies, before it is time to meet my maker, at the end of my human life.

Because of the hectic schedule, I have not even been able to add more than one or two pictures here since I had the pleasure of passing the One Million Views mark in August 2012.

I was about to post a gorgeous sunset I captured at home in New York this weekend, when I remember the Stained Glass theme I played with words on, in the previous photo, of a butterfly, the wings of which almost appeared to be made of stained glass.

That reminded me that I had captured some photos deep inside the Köln Dom (Cologne Cathedral) on my arrival there, in Germany, exactly 25 years after my first visit. So, I decided to post a photo from that April-May 2012 trip.

This SOOC (Straight Out Of Camera) photo was simply framed in Photoshop and titled, otherwise, nothing was changed. It is how the Nikon D300 captured the windows of these religious symbols, of such symbolism and significance to many Christians.

I am a Muslim but went to Catholic schools in Pakistan. That is where I studied Shakespeare and was introduced to puns.

The title was based on too many puns that combined wordplay and mixing religious metaphors. Be! A powerful word ascribed to events carried out at the order of a supreme being. Behold the man. A baby Jesus image, likely the mother holding the child, who is to be a man many would follow and behold. Others would later attribute super human, even god like, powers to him.

And it reminded me of the movie with Anthony Hopkins that related to the games genes and mixed parentages can play, The Human Stain, coming full circle to the stained glass view, of great human beings, miraculous events, stained by violence and murder in the name of God, marred by near-idolatry worship of a great man whose message was to erase idolatry, seen through the windows of time, and stained glass windows….

Do as the man did, not by what others later tell you to do. Don’t be BeHoldEn to dogma created in all religions by power hungry men decades and centuries later to usurp power, to legally steal money from poor believers, and to kill others, in the name of messengers of peace.

© 2012 IMRAN

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25 Years!

Posted by imrananwar on May 7, 2012

I left Pakistan early on the morning of the 19th, for my first flight into Europe, my first trip abroad, landing in Europe on April 19, 1987. It was an incredible April to June trip.

I promised I would return, and I did, visiting France, and Spain, at other times in the past few years.

But, I had not previously made it to Holland, even though I had passed through Schipol, Amsterdam, during my trip to Barcelona, Spain, (ironically with a Dutch born then GF).

By the grace of God, I took a flight that left USA on the evening of the 18th, when it was EXACTLY the same time in Pakistan EXACTLY 25 Years after my first international flight, to again travel to Europe on the same exact date as my first trip.

April 19, 1987. April 19, 2012. Exactly 25 years later, I am back to commemorate that awesome chapter in my life.

God is kind and has blessed me with an incredible journey, every step of the way, Please keep me in your prayers. May we all meet and celebrate such anniversaries another 25 years from now. Amen.

© 2012 IMRAN

iPhone 4S photo taken by a random tourist who I offered to take a picture of with his camera. This was after 24 hours of travel, and 30 hours awake!



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Is Pacific Ocean Big? Sur(e)! – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on September 9, 2011

About 18 years ago, my friends based in California, and I, had taken a brief trip along the famed Pacific Coast Highway (Route 1), from San Francisco / San Jose to the towns of Carmel and Monterey.

It was a beautiful scenic drive, and a great time with friends, who, like passing time, can move into the memory drawers of life.

This year, after a hectic business trip to Santa Clara and San Jose, I changed my return flight, from San FranciscoLong Island, to a departure from Orange County, near Los Angeles.

My goal was to take a 2 day slow drive along Route 1, and get to visit a dear cousin, who had visited me with her then-brand new husband (LOL) about 12 years ago in NY, and whom I had long promised to visit.

My trip was delayed because unexpected meetings meant I could not depart from Santa Clara til about 3 PM.

That is when I actually started calling around for hotels to have another interesting twist. It was coming up on the last weekend for many families before schools started. So, there were no hotel rooms available anywhere, except for $500 or more per night.

But, I plugged away, sitting in the parking lot doing searches on my iPhone and calling around but in specific areas on the ocean route.

I was also sorely disappointed that the day of this trip was completely overcast weather in California.

I decided to head towards Irvine and Newport Beach (where my cousin and her husband and three daughters I had never met lived). My plan was to stay the night in a scenic place, which I ended up picking Cambria to be. (A lovely place, where I also got a reasonably priced, well under $200 or so compared to $500, for an only remaining room, on the ocean, with breakfast included, so it was quite a bargain at that time).

But, as I made my way down Route 1, I realized that my photography plans were pretty much foiled, both by the weather, the lateness of my departure, and a misbehaving camera.

One primary place to visit on my list had been the Big Sur area, and its rocky structures along the cliffs and hills along the Pacific Coast.

Interestingly, as I got to that area, the sun had started falling, but the clouds were lifting enough for the sun to cast a hot yellow red tinge on the rocks of Big Sur. At the same time, a contrasting fog was rolling in from the ocean just a mile or two further away.

The scene was surreal… the green trees and sandy, muddy, rocky mountainside was appearing saturated in yellow, the rocks jutting out from a darkening blue were almost overexposed looking white, while the hills just a few miles away merged into a hazy blue layer of hazier bluer mists, with the waves rolling onto the sliver of sandy beach were a beautiful combined shade of turquoise and teal.

All in all, it ended up being a unique, once in a lifetime, set of weather conditions, of a small slice of our planet worth seeing in many different lights.

Is the Pacific Ocean Big? Sure. But, at Big Sur it is just a tiny microcosm of what makes our beautiful blue planet the home not just of our living beings, but our souls that feed on the beauty of nature.

I hope you enjoyed this travel experience I am sharing. Thank you.

© 2011 IMRAN

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Stunning Blue Waters, British Virgin Islands

Posted by imrananwar on November 7, 2009

Stunning Blue Waters Of The British Virgin Islands - IMRAN™

I have seen fewer places with more beautiful blue waters than the Caribbean and especially the waters of the British Virgin Islands at Tortola.

This particular picture was taken with a pocket Nikon S6 as we took a ferry towards Virgin Gorda, one of the most beautiful places I have been.

The blue water at the dock was cleaner and more beautiful than anything even in a swimming pool or bath tub we can imagine.

The boat’s propellor’s churned the ice-colored but perfectly mild water into shades of teal, turquoise and literally made you say aquamarine. It almost looks like one of those colored iced drinks like Slurpees of this color that you can drink.

© 2008-2009

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