Serene Sunset Smith Point Beach NY – IMRAN™

Eid Muabarak, stunning sunset, NY

As Hurricane Irene became a recent distant memory, and as the sun set on Ramadan, the month of fasting for Muslims, a sweet serene sunset spoke of peace, of man, nature and nation, at Smith Point Beach, Long Island, NY. It soon gave way to a stunning, moonless, starry night, with the Milky Way so clear it made you think it was a strand of light clouds. Happy Eid Mubarak to my fellow Muslims, and Peace to all.

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Pray, Japan : Heian Shrine, Kyoto – IMRAN™

The Heian Shrine, in Kyoto, Japan was a place I visited only once, during a memorable nearly 2 month long stay in Japan. It is a busy place, with lots of visitors. I had to be very patient, and click in perfect timing, to get this shot with not a soul in the photo frame.

How time flies.

Built in 1895, on the 1100th anniversary of the founding of Kyoto, it was nearing it’s own 100th anniversary when I arrived there. And that was nearly 20 years ago.

How time flies. How life flows, until we are nothing but a dim afterglow, in the corridors of history, long forgotten even as the places we tread, as emperors or visitors, live on forever.

May the clouds of radiation dissipate from the skies of Japan, and may it again shine in its glory as a home to one of the finest people in the world.

With memories of this temple, a place to Pray, Japan and people long gone or recently lost, in my heart and on my mind…

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Minolta 7000i Photo Scan

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Monday, Tuesday; Just Another BluesDay In Paradise – IMRAN™

My 32nd Photo to make it in Flickr Explore on April 11, 2011!

I love the water, and I love red sunsets and blue waters. But, there are few places on earth where I have enjoyed singing seeing the blues on any Monday or Tuesday, than any BluesDay in the British Virgin Islands’s heavenly beaches. The Baths, at Virgin Gorda, are a MUST SEE in your lifetme.

© 2008-2011 IMRAN

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Sitting. Bricks! – IMRAN™

Sitting. Bricks! – IMRAN™, originally uploaded by ImranAnwar.

This is just being posted for entertainment, not photographic excellence or stunning displays of nature as I love to do.

I was being driven from Sargodha, in Punjab, Pakistan to my home in Lahore. As the car zoomed by the dusty plains and fields, passing through tiny towns and barely visible villages, I was shooting pictures with the Nikon D300 through the car window.

It was too hot to open the window, so I just took the chance of possible window reflections appearing in the photo. You can see some of the motion blur on the bricks and the man’s headgear. The unedited photo still ended up looking well structured by the rule of thirds. But, what I enjoyed was the subtle gray sky, the brilliant green leaves, the rich fire orange red bricks lighter colored than the almost red tinged skin tones of the had working laborer, radiated by decades of manual labor beneath a non-sheltering, sweltering sky.

This scene was shot literally at 60mph or more, at 1/1000th of a second, while also slightly turning my body to capture it as the car went by this scene. I laughed thinking about the title that had already popped in my mind as I was taking the picture. I didn’t know how well-placed the bricks and the squatting man would be in the resulting photo.

Here in America, even when people don’t fully observe posted speed limits in work zones, where sometimes there are more people in hard hats standing holding up signs to SLOW down traffic than are actually doing the work, we are are more considerate than drivers in developing countries like Pakistan.

The speeds with which traffic zooms through work area made me think of what bodily reactions of people here would be.

They would definitely be doing more than… Sitting, Bricks. 😉

© 2010 IMRAN

Have A Ball Above Towering Tree(ts) – Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Have A Ball Above Towering Tree(ts) - IMRAN™ - Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays

Enjoy this unique view of the Christmas Tree at Galleries Lafayette in one of my favorite cities in the world, Paris, France. You will like my copyright inserted in the picture. 🙂

Though I am a Muslim born in Pakistan, December 25, Christmas Day was always a special day. It is a national holiday in Pakistan (birth date of Muhammad Ali Jinnah, founder of the nation).

Since I went to missionary schools for a great education in Pakistan, they also celebrated it as a Christmas break. And, on a more personal note, it was also the birthday of my beloved late Mother.

For Christmas and this holiday season, I think this is a perfect picture to wish all my friends lots of joys and treats having a ball under (or over) the towering tree(s) of gifts, love and happiness.


Galeries Lafayette Haussmann
40, Boulevard Haussmann, 
75009 Paris, France

loc: 48.87276862591975, 2.332355493122009

© IMRAN 2009
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Stunning Blue Waters, British Virgin Islands

Stunning Blue Waters Of The British Virgin Islands - IMRAN™

I have seen fewer places with more beautiful blue waters than the Caribbean and especially the waters of the British Virgin Islands at Tortola.

This particular picture was taken with a pocket Nikon S6 as we took a ferry towards Virgin Gorda, one of the most beautiful places I have been.

The blue water at the dock was cleaner and more beautiful than anything even in a swimming pool or bath tub we can imagine.

The boat’s propellor’s churned the ice-colored but perfectly mild water into shades of teal, turquoise and literally made you say aquamarine. It almost looks like one of those colored iced drinks like Slurpees of this color that you can drink.

© 2008-2009

Location: 18°25’9.30″N 64°37’1.46″W

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Northeast vs Southwest Colors, Fly Blue Skies or Sail Pink Seas

Southwest Colors Fly Blue Skies - IMRAN™

Northeast Colors Sail Pink Seas - IMRAN™

In almost every way these images are an opposite of each other. Southwest flying blue skies. Northeast sailing on pink seas.

Bright versus darkening sky. Blue sky vs. pink seas. Jet aircraft vs. yachts. Yet, they both reflect the passion I have for travel, my wanderlust beckoning, forever, to new horizons.

As the evenings got shorter, despite Fall weather, Heron Pointe, on Long Island, NY continued to enjoy mild weather until the sun sets of 2008.

A walk on the boardwalk, a walk on the beach, a look up in the sky, it’s birds, it’s planes. And twinkle, twinkle early stars and Great South Bay buoys.

© IMRAN 2008-2009

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