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Send More US Troops Into Afghanistan?

Posted by imrananwar on September 15, 2009

Imran Anwar (IMRAN.TV / ) raises very serious questions about the current situation in Afghanistan. Are more US troops the answer? If not, what is? Listen for the answer.

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Whose Dying Throes? Rumsfeld Living Dream

Posted by imrananwar on August 10, 2005

Sorry, I am still trying to figure out if it’s the insurgency in its dying throes or Bush/Rumsfeld’s political future. More than 2000 more Americans are dead because these people sent them off to war, while their kids are getting arrested for underage drinking and partying.

Bush says this is making us safer at home….. just like Blair made London safe? Now Rumsfeld makes it sound like the insurgents are just fighting because there is no constitution.

So, as soon as a constitution is done, they will say, “Great, I don’t need to kill Americans. Who needs 72 virgins anyway, I got me a new constitution, Hallelujah.”

I am not holding my breath for that, but I await with bated breath what new idiotic logic or white lie or laughable excuse is invented by the White House, Bush, Rumsfeld and Rice. The suspense is killing me, while unfortunately, their policies are killing American soldiers and putting us all at greater risk.

Post Date 8/10/05

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