Piece Of Fish & Peace On Earth – IMRAN™


They talk about breaking bread to get closer to people. I’m just a big fan of bread, except a few types, like Naan, Poori, some Parathaa, croissants, and such. But I’m more than happy to partake in a meal that’s got no bread, but plenty to munch on. In this case, what better way to mark a wish for peace on earth than by having pieces of fish from the ocean. A Muslim American, out feeling alive racing my motorcycle in the dead of winter, on the eve of a holiday important to Christians, having a traditional meal of Buddhist and other-religion celebrating nations. Enjoy the 3D View that almost makes you want to grab a piece. Peace!

© 2018 IMRAN™

PS Check out the different 3D effect here. http://www.facebook.com/134701029880230/posts/2568639493153026/ Which one do you like better?

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Author: imrananwar

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