What Workloads Should Or Shouldn’t Move To The Cloud? – IMRAN

There should not be a generic “All workloads of Type X can move to the cloud” nor a “Workloads of Type Y should NEVER move to the cloud” attitude.


From “It Just Works” To “It May Still Work (After Apple Software Update)”! – IMRAN™

Another update another set of news items saying: “Apple working on a fix for iPad Pros bricked by iOS 9.3.2” or some other device bricked by yet one more of its glitchy device destroying updates

Anyone With Any Brains In The Dumb House At Bright House Networks? – IMRAN™

Their website #‎UX & #‎UXdesign (user experience/design) are beyond retarded.

No Interest In Exploring This Frontier Of Lousy Internet Customer Service – IMRAN™

Good bye, Frontier Communications, I, thankfully, hardly knew you less than 30 days. B’Bye

Did Good News Reporting Get Killed In A Mall Shooting? – IMRAN™

I repeatedly see the most basic elements of reporting a news story ignored by so-called professionals

Dramatic Cloud Dusk At Tampa Bay – IMRAN™

…a very windy and stormy day’s sunset, but the dramatic cloud cover and the fiery colors made it beautiful…

Open & Shut Case. That’s A Wrap! – IMRAN™

I do not think he should be given the death penalty by lethal injection or electrocution. Instead, I propose giving him a choice to pick one of these two…