Playing The Race Card To Drown The Truth – IMRAN™

The only thing being murdered is the truth and people’s sense of right and wrong.


UX Is Not Rocket Science But MacUpdate Makes It That Challenging – IMRAN™

Why does the MacUpdate Promo almost always have to be a user experience nightmare drama?

Cold Spring Weekend Sunset At Heron Pointe Home Marina – IMRAN™

…on some days, like today. I was able to enjoy a stunning Long Island south shore sunset that is comparable to the average great Tampa Bay sunset…

Sensual Slice, Tasty Tomato – IMRAN™

Some of nature’s most innocent products can hide and reveal such sensuality that it leaves the erotic mind gasping.

(Out Of Control) Without A Control Tower? – IMRAN™

Control Towers Don’t Eradicate Poor Communications Or Human Error.

Dreamy Dusk Pink Pastel Panorama – IMRAN™ 

50 Rich People Own Our Freedom & Our Government Thanks To The US Supreme Court – IMRAN™

Half of all super-PAC money comes from just 50 donors. FIFTY people deciding who rules over 300 MILLION of us in AMERICA.