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Massacre 12 Get Life, Kill 3 Get Death, Kill Unarmed Black Man & Walk Free!

Posted by imrananwar on August 8, 2015

Shame on those spineless and shameless members of the jury who opposed the death penalty in the  # Colorado terrorist movie theater massacre murderer trial. They gave him a taxpayer funded life sentence instead of the death penalty.

Here is the lesson that teaches us about the way justice is being served. Massacre 12 People Get Life Sentence, Kill 3 And Get Death Sentence. Kill an unarmed black man on video by choking him to death, or shooting a black kid, and walk scot free. 

The younger Boston bomber caused fewer deaths but was declared a  # terrorist The 3 white Christian guys planning terror attacks to massacre US troops arrested in NC were NOT called terrorists, by the  # FBI  or the shameless  # media 

But the TN shooter at the marines recruitment center was declared a terrorist, probably because he also was a  # Muslim 

They should all be called Terrorist and treated accordingly, and, when found guilty, put to death for carrying out attacks on Americans which terrorize the public. 

Enough with the dual standards about applying the label of  # terrorism  only on  # Muslims . Enough with the  # hypocrisy . Enough with coddling murderers with life sentences while their innocent victims never had a chance to live their full lives. 

Firing squads for anyone whose actions lead to the random killing of 4 or more people. 

That way someone in a liquor store hold up who kills 2-3 people planned or unplanned is dealt with for murder and manslaughter. But anyone who plans an attack with the intent of killing people at random is treated as a terrorist. Period. Firing Squad. 

If someone murders a cop who is performing his duty, then that should lead to the death penalty too. And it should also apply to bad cops who murder unarmed people and put decent cops’ lives in greater danger. 

What do you think?


2 Responses to “Massacre 12 Get Life, Kill 3 Get Death, Kill Unarmed Black Man & Walk Free!”

  1. First off, it wasn’t up to a judge in CO. That state requires a unanimous jury verdict for the punishment phase, and they couldn’t get it because Holmes is obviously (to some) seriously mentally ill, therefore not responsible for his actions. It might also have been a pragmatic decision. If he got the death penalty, those victims’ families would have to keep showing up and testifying, reliving the tragedy over and over for decades, through all the required hearings states with the death penalty hold. Because he got life with no possible parole instead, he will go into a cage to be forgotten, allowing the survivors to move on.

    I don’t see any point in capital punishment at all. It’s not equally applied, as you pointed out, it costs much more to convict and complete, and it doesn’t punish the perpetrator the way life in prison does. When we put these guys away forever, we can also study them to learn more about what causes crime.


    • imrananwar said

      You are very correct. A draft had gotten published and was corrected. Valid points you make. The post is less about the merits (many) of Capital Punishment but about the hypocrisy of law enforcement and media on the topic of what is terrorism. Thanks for the comment.


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