Golden Cloud Streaks Sun’s Face As Bird Flies By – IMRAN™

It was just another stunning sunset on Tampa Bay, as I stood in the windy and surprisingly cold Florida air at my home to savor it.

Feeling the unusual sensation of shivering in Tampa, I decided not to go in to get a jacket lest I miss the stunning colors that God was mixing on the sky.

As I focused to capture the gold streak of cloud running across the white hot face of the sun, a bird, likely wondering how much further South it needed to go to feel warm, seemed to just shrug, “What does it matter?” as it flew North across the sun just as I clicked.

With the Nikon lens on the D300 fully zoomed on the sun at 450mm eq handheld, there was no way to change depth of field fast enough to make the bird appear sharper.

I chose not to edit it in Photoshop because these colors and image are SOOC (straight out of camera), except my adding my name of course.

Stay warm, and safe, my friends.

© 2014 IMRAN


Author: imrananwar

Please visit http://imran.TV to learn more about Imran.

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