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Grand Colors Of Grand Cayman 7 Mile Beach – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on January 29, 2014

On my first trip to Grand Cayman that my then girlfriend took us on for my birthday, our first impression had been that the place was not as spectacular as other islands of the Caribbean.

The water was nice, the beach was nice, the place was nice, but nothing spectacular. The inclement weather that 4th of July weekend was also not helping.

But ironically, early in the morning, before 7AM, when the beach was empty, and the storm was still covering the sky, these stunning colors more than made up for the first impressions.

This is a handheld iPhone 4S photo stitched panorama, cropped and cleaned up in Photoshop.

©2013-2014 IMRAN


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Golden Cloud Streaks Sun’s Face As Bird Flies By – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on January 21, 2014

It was just another stunning sunset on Tampa Bay, as I stood in the windy and surprisingly cold Florida air at my home to savor it.

Feeling the unusual sensation of shivering in Tampa, I decided not to go in to get a jacket lest I miss the stunning colors that God was mixing on the sky.

As I focused to capture the gold streak of cloud running across the white hot face of the sun, a bird, likely wondering how much further South it needed to go to feel warm, seemed to just shrug, “What does it matter?” as it flew North across the sun just as I clicked.

With the Nikon lens on the D300 fully zoomed on the sun at 450mm eq handheld, there was no way to change depth of field fast enough to make the bird appear sharper.

I chose not to edit it in Photoshop because these colors and image are SOOC (straight out of camera), except my adding my name of course.

Stay warm, and safe, my friends.

© 2014 IMRAN

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Breathtaking Morning View At My Blessed Home Tampa Bay – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on January 19, 2014

I could spend the rest of my life thanking God for all he has blessed me with, and I would still not have enough time.

From the most incredible parents and family anyone could ask for, to the most unbelievable experiences in life, I have had it all.

From loving and being loved by the most beautiful and incredible people in the world, to having seen the most beautiful and incredible places in the world.

At the end, a happy, blessed home, full of love and happiness, and with no evil, no unhapiness, no stress around, are what heaven on earth are made of.

I was able to view and thank God for this stunning view at my home on January 7, 2014. It was a day which was beautiful in how many ways I was able to clean house and make a fresh, clean and blessed start to the rest of my life.

It also brought me to my first 25 years of living in America as my new home country.

Material things may come and go, but true love, good actions and the prayers of people who love you are all that matter.

Please keep me in your prayers and good wishes, my friends, all.

Imran Anwar

© 2014 IMRAN

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Stormy Sun Sets On Visions Of Paradise – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on January 14, 2014

My lovely then companion had taken me to Grand Cayman Island on the 4th of July, as a birthday gift, which was on May 23.

It was a beautiful gift of love, just like the heavenly scenes at that place.

But, just like unexpected stormy weather can impact some days of a trip, life, personality, nature, personal and earthly, all conspired and threw some unexpected twists our way. In the long run those compelled me to remove drama, and negative people, from my life.

People may come and go in our lives, but I like to remember them for the happy memories that were created and shared, and in some cases, destroyed by choices people make. Such are the lessons of life.


Handheld iPhone 4S panorama, cleaned up in Photoshop.

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