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As Sun Sets On 2013, 2014 Begins To Appear – IMRAN™ — Happy New Year To All!

Posted by imrananwar on December 31, 2013

In every life there are bright mornings and dark nights, ups and downs, and everything in between.

Some will be celebrating the best year(s) of their lives going by as the sun sets on 2013, while others will think it could not end soon enough.

But, to all, each and everyone of you, my family, friends, fans, loves and loved ones, as well as all decent people of this beautiful planet…..

A Happy New Year, and all the best in 2014.

The base SOOC image is Straight Out Of Camera with my 6 years old Nikon D300!! NO editing, tweaking, of ANY kind. Only added my greeting and name in Photoshop..

© 2013-2014 Imran Anwar


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Stunning Colors Of Nature – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 30, 2013

SOOC Image Straight Out Of Camera!! NO editing, tweaking, or color processing of ANY kind. Only added my name in Photoshop..

These stunning colors are presented as the Nikon D300 captured them in my flower beds at home, with not a bit of editing done to the image.


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Every NoteBook Has An Ending. Make Yours Special. – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 30, 2013

I am a very adventurous modern-day old fashioned romantic, in case some of my 50 shades of color writings don’t tell you that already.  

But, maybe it was watching all those Pakistan romance movie my parents loved going to see, or just being a sappy fool at heart, despite being Happily Single™ (yes, I even sold T-shirts online with that logo) I also believe in sail-mates and soul-mates, and in living happily ever after.

My parents only got 32 years together before my Mom died at 50. Dad outlived her by nearly 17 years but never remarried.

So, even as guy who loves action flicks, I shed a few tears when I watched The Notebook.

If you thought The Notebook was a great movie, then you have to read this true story:

Married 62 years, Charlie & Helen Bridges died 3 days apart this month.

What do you think of true love, of devotion, of mad dedication, and, of a The End to the movie of our life, like this one?

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Sailing Off Into The Sunset – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 29, 2013

As I stood at my dock, waiting to see what new magical colors the sky would display at sunset, I noticed a cruise ship heading out of Tampa Bay, towards the Gulf of Mexico.

As the sun set on a lovely, but not overly spectacular sunset sky, I knew the ship would not make it there in time to give me a great silhouette shot.

But, just at the moment the direct sight of the sun took its last gasp and slid under the horizon, the ship was in the frame just enough to make for a lovely effect nonetheless. I clicked Bon Voyage to the ship, as it’s passengers enjoyed Sailing Off Into The Sunset, literally.

(Straight Out Of Camera image, with no color editing, but cropped lower 500 pixel rows of water to give a widescreen view).

© 2013 IMRAN

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Stunning Scene At Harbour Island, Eleuthera, Bahamas – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 25, 2013

I have been blessed to see many beautiful places on this wonderful planet. And the stunning views and colors of the Bahamas and the Caribbean remain among my favorites.

The colors of the sky and water constantly change depending on how bright it is, where the sun is shining and what kind of clouds are painting patterns on the water surface.

Coral Sands is a beautiful hotel to stay at, and the sand under my feet was literally talcum powder soft and sweet pink in color.

I hope I am blessed to return to this place again. I hope this photo takes you there for a few moments in time.

This photo was taken with a pocket Nikon S6 in 2007. I would love to take pictures with a higher quality Nikon next time I visit.

© 2007-2013

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Backyard Paradise – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 20, 2013

The brilliant blue sky, green foliage and glowing sands at low tide bring out the best views of the flats at Tampa Bay, Florida.

What a blessing to be able to witness this scene, a blessed backyard of paradise point in this mortal life and morsel of universal dust we call Earth.

© 2013 IMRAN

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Another Gorgeous Tampa Bay Dusk – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 18, 2013

I was blessed to see this stunning sunset and dusk on Tampa Bay, when the winter sky was filled with hues of gold and fiery orange, and the water shimmered in shades of blue, pink, and purple depending on the direction and the clouds above.

My now nearly 6 years old Nikon D300 still takes great sunset photos. I took 36 or so photos in 3 rows of 12, just spanning about 120 degrees of view.

These handheld camera photos were imported from the camera, automatically stitched by Microsoft’s ICE, imported into iPhoto, cropped and cleaned up to share here. Please enjoy.

Click to view the actual sky detail of this magical moment.

© 2013 IMRAN

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Soft Pink Sensual Lips Unfurl – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 15, 2013

This is just one of the many unedited (image Straight Out Of Camera, name added in Photoshop), stunning images of nature’s soft pink sensual unfurling lips that I captured with a macro lens on a 2 year old iPhone 4S. It is from one of the flowers I grew inside my home in NY and then dried.

© 2011-2013 IMRAN

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Sun (Good Night) Bird (Good Flight) – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 13, 2013

Tonight’s sunset over Tampa Bay, Florida, seemed to be one of the “usually unusual” beautiful experiences of nature. Something to be savored in the moment, and then forgotten, when the next beautiful night takes its place in the eye and the mind’s eye.

But, as this unedited photo (taken with a handheld nearly six years old Nikon D300 and with NO color processing or tweaking) shows, the stunning natural subtle layers of clouds, in an otherwise clear evening, made crisper by a cold front coming through, just made for a magical incredible sight.

The majestic bird taking off into the night sky, silhouetted against the darkening red sky and black horizon, made my spirit soar. I hope you enjoy it and share your thoughts, as the Sun says Good Night and the Bird takes Good Flight.

© 2013 IMRAN

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Panorama View Inside Keukenhof Netherlands – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on December 10, 2013

I was running out of time in my trip to Holland (Netherlands) during my visit to Europe.

As I left Amsterdam, I had a choice of sleeping in a bit at the hotel and heading to the airport earlier than the flight time, or taking a train and bus ride to Keukenhof, the world famous place where tulips and bulbs of all kinds cover the landscape as far as the eye can see.

This area inside the park has a beautiful tranquility to it, with a lake, fountains, wandering geese, and meandering paths, wondering eyes and summer breeze sighs, combining to make it an afternoon to remember.

This was taken with my 2 year old cell phone to snap a handheld panorama, doing my best to avoid people walking by me, and not losing the perspective the panorama app needed. It came out pretty good, I have to say.

I did make it back to the airport in time, for my return to the United States and am glad I made the time to visit this beautiful place.


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