Air, Land & Sky That Even Poseidon Would Love – IMRAN™

1989 was my first full year of living in the United States (after first coming in 1987). And at the end of that year, during a visit to Miami, Florida, where I made many wonderful friends, it was Susane Ronai, a dear friend until years afterwards, who took me to Disney in Orlando for New Year’s.

Even though I came to Orlando many times in subsequent years, for meetings, to speak at conferences like HIMMS, and more, I never made it back to a Florida theme park. I did go to Universal Studios in Los Angeles, and to Six Flags in New Jersey, both in 1991.

This year, I finally made it back to a theme partk after nearly 22 years, with my beautiful girlfriend Kat. It ended up being Universal Studios’ Islands of Adventure, in Orlando, that we spent November 10, 2013, at.

The more than 10 miles of walking we got in was quite a lot, especially wearing new shoes without socks. LOL. But the Hulk roller coaster (that I took twice), and the tower where you are shot up at the same acceleration as a fighter jet being catapulted off an aircraft carrier, were definitely worth experiencing (again).

I had to miss the Poseidon experience because it was a stunning day and I wanted to capture a panorama (actually an auto stitch with the Microsoft Photosynth app in my Lumia 1020 41MP phone). Not using a tripod means less than perfect alignment, but in this case Photosynth did a decent job. I cropped the full 360×360 degree spherical view into a rectangular photo for you to enjoy.

Feel free to post the link on your FaceBook or Twitter feeds if you have been to this place, and share your stories here.


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