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Product Review: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro FireWire 800 USB 2.0 Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive for Mac STBB750100

Posted by imrananwar on January 19, 2012

IMRAN.TV Product Review: Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro FireWire 800 USB 2.0 Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive for Mac STBB750100 (Personal Computers)

Hopefully the background of my decision will help you in making a decision, especially if you’re using an older Mac laptop.

Having an early 2008 Apple MacBook Pro (which I got with the faster 7200rpm 200GB drive rather than the slower 250GB one) meant my having to keep my iTunes and iPhoto files on external bus powered USB-drives for several years. Generally I use Carbon Copy Cloner for my internal drive clones to external FireWire ones, and am OK using the USB powered drives like Iomega 320 and WD 160 in the past to keep my libraries.

I did want to upgrade my internal drive to the 750GB Momentus and keep all the data in one place, but opening up the MBP, going through that hassle, and then hopefully getting an early 2012 MacBook Pro with something like a 75pGB or 1TB internal drive (whenever they come out) would mean wasted money and effort on this older laptop. So, an external bus powered drive was my practical choice for now. When I saw the 500GB bus powered 7200RPM Seagate on the shelves of the Apple Store I was tempted to buy it immediately. Then I found that this 750GB 7200RPM Seagate FreeAgent GoFlex Pro FireWire 800 USB 2.0 Ultra-Portable External Hard Drive for Mac STBB750100 version was also available in the market, and decided to go this route.

As always, ordering from Amazon was a pleasure, and even though it was fulfilled by another vendor (HPP Enterprises), even as part of a larger multi-item, multi-shipper order, everything went smoothly. The shipper was very quick in responding, understood my request to ship the drive soon as I will be traveling soon, and the drive arrived very quickly. The packaging was great from the shipper, and the Seagate packaging was OK too.

First thing you notice is how cheap, flimsy and low quality the Seagate product is in manufacture. It is a plastic case with silver sort of painted on it. It looks like some child laborer was given a spray can to paint drives, as the paint is uneven. The drive itself is light (considering how much data it lifts 🙂 ). The 2 interfaces included were nice to have, the FW800 and the USB2 to use on PCs. It came Mac formatted but that was irrelevant to me, as I partitioned it into 3 with Disk Utility.

The drive runs fine, fairly quiet, fairly fast. Not MUCH faster than the FW800 external powered ones, but quite good for bus powered. I did not notice the interface overheating as I have read some reviews mention. Pretty warm, but not burning hot. I did not test the USB one yet. The 200GB Carbon Copy Clone and even the 160GB iPhoto library moved over quite fast and without any errors or problems. Overall, satisfied with current (new) use. I cannot speak for long term reliability (e.g. the interface cable cheaply glued to the unit is said to be susceptible to breaking) but it is cheaper looking than it should be at $175 or so.

I am hoping the new MBP that comes out will have a 7200 rpm 750GB in it so I can then use this as the take-along on trips backup while larger desktop drives are stay at home backups. Hope this helps you in your decision as you consider a portable external drive for your Mac or PC. Please oblige with your acknowledgement if it is. Thanks.

Imran Anwar

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DazzLILYing! Dazzling Lily – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on January 11, 2012

DazzLILYing! Dazzling Lily - IMRAN™ by ImranAnwar
DazzLILYing! Dazzling Lily – IMRAN™, a photo by ImranAnwar on Flickr

Even as cold winter tightens its grip, freezing the ground, and chilling the bone, this unedited summer photo I took outside my home says: The coldest frigid nights will pass, as swollen bulbs with silent moans of hope and promise fill up with lust for life, lovingly grab roots, and holding on, tight, deeply clenching what they contain, until, surrounded by just the right warm tender moist mounds of fertile earth, they will release in explosive energy, luscious life, gushing bursts of climactic color… one day, one night, soon, again. And again….

SOOC Image Straight Out Of Camera!! NO editing, tweaking, of ANY kind. I did not even remove the tiny speck that was on my camera sensor until I had it cleaned by Nikon. Only framed in Photoshop.

Even though I am partial to Stargazer Lilies, especially when I plant them at my home in NY, my next door neighbor often picks out spectacular colored varities to plant.

This Lily’s spectacular colors, best seen as a Wallpaper on a 27″ screen, had breathtaking colors of nature, that just took my breath away. The depth and richness of tones, the shine, the texture, made this a Dazzling Lily just Dazzlilying to photograph. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

© 2011 IMRAN

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Happy New Year, First Sunset 2012 Atlantic Ocean, Long Island, NY – IMRAN™

Posted by imrananwar on January 5, 2012

I wish you all, my dear friends, a very happy new year. May the tides always bring glad tidings, may your days always be bright and your nights always glow with joy.

Sunset on the Atlantic Ocean, at Cupsogue Beach (Westhampton Beach), Long Island, New York. An unprocessed Nikon D300 image did have to be straightened -1.3 degrees in Photoshop before framing.

f/14 1/800 seconds, 450mm eq zoom, 0EV, ISO200, compressed to JPG format.

© 2012 IMRAN

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Dealing With Nasty Criminals Like The LA Arsonist German & His Disgusting Mother

Posted by imrananwar on January 4, 2012

There was an LA Times news story about a German arsonist living in Los Angeles who started about 50 fires, causing untold damage, and endangered countless lives, because his ugly, criminal, possibly-a-prostitute, mother was being deported to Germany. I would love to have your thoughts on the interesting discussion which ensued, after I posted saying:

Imran Anwar · CEO and Founder at ICloud.PK

If she knew he was mentally ill, why did the stupid criminal b&^ch not have him committed?

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  • Janet Margrave ·  Top Commenter

    not that simple any more. the streets are filled with people who have mental illnesses. the states aren’t interested in providing care. budget cuts affect the old, poor and mentally ill.

    Reply ·  7 · Like · about an hour ago

  • Imran Anwar · CEO and Founder at ICloud.PK

    Janet Margrave I understand. But, then people who later claim mental illness for serious crime perpetrators should be able to show proof they tried to have the person committed as a danger to society. Then, the state, or whoever set them free, should be liable for the damage they do.

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  • Paul Birmele ·  Top Commenter · Santa Monica College

    Imran Anwar And who is supposed to pay for that? The state is broke. The feds are broke. And guess what gets cut FIRST: Mental health support. The justice system is FULL of people who should have been put in a mental institution long before they committed a crime, but there aren’t any. Talk to any sheriffs deputy or jail guard. They will agree.

    Reply · Like · 45 minutes ago

  • Imran Anwar · CEO and Founder at ICloud.PK

    Paul Birmele , and who pays for THAT? The cops, the courts, the jails, the food, the upkeep, etc? We all end up paying that, ON TOP of the cost of the damage criminals do to lives and property. Almost all of whom claim some sort of insanity when that is the only way out of prison time. My proposal, seriously, is to outsource prisons…. abroad. Mexico, Pakistan, India…. then see how many people want to go to jail.

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  • Paul Birmele ·  Top Commenter · Santa Monica College

    Imran Anwar Imran Anwar They already outsource prisons. They already privatized. 264 of them in the US are private. Has it made it cheaper? no. Scarier.

    I think its nice that you suggest he not have any civil rights. I assume you are a native american and have lived here for thousands of years, but the rest of us and our ancestors came to America to live a free life, with civil liberties. Saying he should lose his is stupid.

    Case in point: Some people believe in profiling at airports. This is something YOU should know about. That would mean any time YOU were in a public place the cops would search your whole body. Why? Because you aren’t blonde and blue eyed. But they aren’t supposed to. Why? Because in America we have civil liberties.


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  • Barbara Stevens ·  Top Commenter · San Diego, California

    Janet Margrave Neither of these two people should be here. WHY aren’t they sent back to Germany? why are they allowed to stay here?

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  • Dick Brandlon ·  Top Commenter · Teacher/ Student Teacher Supervisor at Retired Teacher

    Imran Anwar Can you envision people paying taxes for this?

    Reply · 1 · Unlike · 28 minutes ago

  • Imran Anwar · CEO and Founder at ICloud.PK

    Paul Birmele , I have news for you. I AM profiled when I am at the airport. But, no one strips me down… maybe if the TSA officer was a pretty blue eyed blonde I would not complain. LOL. But, seriously, in addition to that profiling, the dirtbag Mayor Bloomberg of NY was working closely with the CIA or others to spy on MULIMS (not some suspicious individuals). Did you do something about that to complain? NY Daily News, the rag from NYC, wrote editorials defending profiling Muslims… wonder if they’d write the same if cops used profiling to catch expensive car thieves in certain uptown parts of NYC. Bigots like LOWE’S management can express their hate for Muslims and get away with it without any of my fellow Americans stopping shopping there.

    BUT, hate is not against the law, crime is. This dirtbag’s fat ugly b*&ch mother was illegally here, committed crimes in her own country, apparently ran a sensual massage service (with her son? who knows), and he hated America, committed serious crimes, and should be thrown in the slammer forever (or maximum sentence possible if that is not possible) after a trial. Sorry, but what part of that is taking away his civil rights?

    The only good news in all this was this scumbag was not a Muslim. LOL. In that case, he’d be charged with terrorism. Sad, but true. LOL

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