Blessed, Beach – IMRAN™

I do not fancy myself a poet. And, though challenges remain in my life, as for most of us, the blessings that abound cannot be counted.

I could not resist tapping this out to my friends and followers from my iPhone on a (chilly) night, standing at the beach of my blessed home at Heron Pointe, New York….

Walking along the rippling waterline on my beach. Definitely not T-shirt temperature. New Moon a thin orange sliver, perched atop the horizon, wants to get cozy under the (cloud) covers – but they’re nowhere to be found. Shiny stars glint in the night’s cold eye, as dark skies silently hear the wind’s sighs. I stand still, on my own will, humbled, as I realize again – How Blessed Am I !

June 4, 2011 − 1145 PM via iPhone

© Imran Anwar

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