Evil Taliban vs Pakistan, What Side Are You On?

Imran Anwar (http://www.imran.com ) asks Pakistanis and Muslims which side they are on in the war so-called jihadi terrorist groups like Taliban, AlQaeda and other evil are carrying out against Pakistan, Muslims, Islam and innocent people.

How difficult is it for Muslims and Pakistanis to say, “Taliban, AlQaeda and these Jihadi groups, killing innocent women and children daily, blowing up mosques, killing defenders of Pakistan, are enemies of Islam and Pakistan” ?

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One thought on “Evil Taliban vs Pakistan, What Side Are You On?”

  1. It is NOT difficult if the true facts are presented to public AS IS.

    Lot of time we hear Army’s side of story and tend to go along with Army. Then we hear the voice of Taliban and their side makes sense too.

    Suicide bombings are NOT the decisive evidence. True that this evidence plays an important role but one has to ask Why are they suicide bombing “innocent” people? Are we really innocent? Aren’t we all guilty of apathy and complacency? We usually find some justification to quickly go back to our comfortable lives (our own boxed reality) by saying “Oh these are terrorist. They have hijacked Islam. Islam is against killing and all that cowardly statements)”.

    Have we done any serious movement to speak out against Palestinian aggression? Yes we do but only enough which does not jeopardize our jobs/lives/properties. Most of the time it is only limited to verbal exchanges which does not translate in to meaningful “change-bringing” action.

    Remember Hazrat Khizar killed that young boy for no “apparent” reason when he went on an excursion with Prophet Moses (pbuh)? His answer was that this child would have grown up to be an obnoxious child making the lives of pious parent miserable. When a child can be punished as such then what makes us think that we are entitled as “innocent”.

    Previous nations had been destroyed for ‘small’ offences like dishonesty, inhospitability, etc. Why do we think we are not entitled to Allah(swt)’s Azzab when we are committing far serious crimes than that: murder, sex-out-of-wedlock, rape, hoarding, abandoning children out of fear of poverty, committing suicide, etc.


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