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Circles Of Life’s Seasons; Color Wheels Of Nature’s Projector, Fate’s Movie

Posted by imrananwar on October 2, 2009

Circles Of Life's Seasons; Color Wheels Of Nature's Projector, Displaying Fate's Movie - IMRAN™

Circles Of Life’s Seasons; Color Wheels Of Nature’s Projector, Displaying Fate’s Movie
Stunning Fall Foliage Colors, South Country Road, East Patchogue, Long Island, NY

We may desire for our lives to be eternal Springs, of youth and new joys. We yearn for our days to be endless Summers of bright, sunny, blue-sky filled days.

We may want to never be exposed to the cold brutalities of life’s Winters. But, winters do come in every life. And they have to be lived and experienced. As they start casting their longer, colder, crueler shadow across the days of our lives, things fall around us.

But, there is an irony in the seasons, fate and life. Fall, as life that sprung forth last spring, falls by the wayside. Yet, it is also the only time we are given a choice to see and appreciate such dazzling, stunning colors, as only Fall can bring. It gives us one last hurrah of color, to tide us over the cold days we know lie ahead, with the promise of a new life in the new year. And so the circle of life goes. And so it goes.


Driving home from running some errands I was amazed at the brilliant fall foliage colors that were highlighted by the sun’s late afternoon glow. I went home, picked up the camera and headed back to take these pictures.

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