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Unrequited Love by Imran Anwar

Posted by imrananwar on September 9, 2009

Must Read: "Unrequited Love" - IMRAN™

You can almost reach out and touch the moon and run your fingers gently on her aging, aged, ageless but scarred face, where times, and passing suitors it disdained, left their marks, with you, the reader, wondering if a gentle tear from a secret subterrainian river will gush forth, as it silently tells the story of its endless, eternal, inescapable love for the blue planet it is forever intertwined with, but desinted never to meet, lest it be a deadly last waltz that would spell doom for both, in a deadly one night stand, a flash of explsoive passion, with the earth’s oceans of life-giving liquids gushing forth into the skies, escaping into a climax of everything and a vast nothingness at once… such is the eternal dance of unrequited love of star crossed lovers and planets and moons. Feel it.


Full Moon, September 3/4 2009, Heron Pointe, East Patchogue, Long Island, New York, USA.

Words & Photograph © 2009 IMRAN

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© IMRAN 2009
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