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Grains Of Sand In The Sky

Posted by imrananwar on August 21, 2009

Grains Of Sand In The Sky

by Imran Anwar

(Dedicated on August 21-22, 2009,
To the memory of my beloved father, Anwar-uud-din.
Born Aug 22, 1931 he left us December 21, 2008)

Over the waves’ mighty roar
On a weather beaten shore
Sounds of pebbles and rocks I find
The tides of time that eternally grind

At first, I defiantly bravely stand
Before long humbly kneel in sand
Here I stand on an infinite brink
Near knowledge of a magical link

The ripples sing an endless refrain
Remember, Every fine sandy grain
Does an amazing secret nurse
It too is center of the universe

Under feet on a sandy beach
From far beyond its tiny reach
It too feels a tug from eons afar
Its tiny core yearns to be a star.

On the edge of the wavy bay
At the end of the shiny day
I look up at the darkening sky
Where stars live and meteors die

At this eternal moment in time
No timeless words, no rhyme
No complex grand theory of chaos
Explain a simple truth of cosmos

I realize it’s so very true
Nothing even the Sun can do
To any way stop or stall
The certainty of nightfall

Darkness around, near and far
Defied by a single shining star
A turning, blinking distant firefly
A burning grain of sand in the sky!

© 2009 IMRAN

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