Anybody Know What ‘Smart Power’ Means?

Lionel Beehner asked “Anybody Know What ‘Smart Power’ Means?” about Hilary Clinton’s “Smart Power” approach.

It sounds like a meaningless phrase. But, are you expecting specifics in 24 hours to undo 8 years of grievous harm done by Bush?

Sure, why not solve the Middle East problem on Saturday… no, wait, Sunday because Jews are off on Saturday. Oh, Christians need Sunday off. OK, Monday the latest. Tuesday let’s solve Kashmir. By next weekend we can celebrate fixing Darfur. Mission Accomplished, 3 years 363 days to celebrate until the next election!

Back to the question Lionel asked.

Yes, it IS good to make and announce a DECISION to be SMART (something people forgot government can be because of the retarded George W Bush) and STRONG.

That is what the world needs, and responds best to. Cowboy diplomacy does not work well on anyone, least of all those who know they are weaker than the US. It makes them want to smack the cowboy and have him fall off his high horse.

It is time we have smart use of our power while growing our influence. Can there be better “branding” of the concept? Yes. Do we need to wait to start working until the marketing committee comes back with ideas? NO!

On a lighter note – the phrase could mean Hilary Clinton is launching a new line of surge protectors for computers. That way she can help make the planet more green and steal Al Gore’s thunder as well.

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