Selling Books By Offending Already Oversensitive Muslims

“Here we go again,” is all I can say. Regardless of whatever rationale the author of the upcoming “novel” “Jewel of Medina” may have for writing a book about the wife of Holy Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), it will turn out to be exactly what various people want.

Some will cherish the opportunity to see how already oversensitive, and ready to blow things up for any excuse, Muslims will take offense. Others will love the opportunity to sell more books, that would otherwise not sell. Some Republicans will surely find a way to hold Bill Clinton responsible, and blame Barack Obama just for having a Muslim sounding name. Democrats will do their bit of hand-wringing about censorship not being in anyone’s interest.

Opinions welcome.

Author: imrananwar

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One thought on “Selling Books By Offending Already Oversensitive Muslims”

  1. i dont know much about *the jewel of medina* but i bet the muslims have something to get mad about. if i wrote a book about jesus, or even played jesus in a movie (id be better than mel) and i was a horrible writer or a horrible actor and misportrayed the acts of jesus, then of course people would be pissed off at me.


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